More Reasons to Say No


There’s an ironic twist at play. Obeying the law and following the code of ethics actually works to pit dual agents against home buyers. That’s not to say no-dual-agents-3there’s anything wrong-headed with the law, unethical about the code or evil about human nature. The problem is the double-bind that comes from the very idea that an agent can serve the opposite interests of buyer and seller.

Dual Agents Have No Legal or Ethical Obligation to YouUnless your REALTOR is an EBA, his or her legal, ethical and fiduciary responsibility is to the seller.

Dual Agents Can’t Represent You FullyWith their fiduciary responsibility to the seller,  non-EBAs can’t possibly offer home buyers complete, 100-percent real estate representation throughout the home buying process.

There is No Clear Code of Confidentiality to Guide Dual AgentsUnlike a dual agent, all information (amount ror which you’re prequalified, date must close on your current house, etc.) is treated completely confidentially.


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